NW Spring League – Week 1

A massive well done to all our members who competed on Sunday at the first leg of the North West Spring League at Templemore, especially our two newest members Janet and Grace.

Here is a link to the results from week 1, 

And for the Points table,


The next leg will take place in two weeks time on Febuary 7th. Inishowen will be running this show, so hopefully everyone will be there to give a hand.

Below are some photos of our members competing on Sunday.

   Nicola & Deedee

 Janet & Ruby

  Catherine & Farrah in the Primary Class

 Veronica & Mr Moo in the Advanced Primary Class

   Lauren & Kimberley

Lynne & Farrah  

  Grace and Richard in the Intermediate Class

 Paul & Lara 

  Natasha & Spice

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