Back up & running!

We are back up and running, as of the 8th June with our weekly lessons once again. Covid-19 put a stop to all competitions & training from mid-March 2020.

Our lessons for June are being run at Lenamore Stables with Yvonne Chisholm, and they are a mix of flatwork & polework.

Our July lessons will be with Jacqui McPherson at Lenamore also.


Prior to attending ANY lesson, please read below:

Please ensure everyone is following HSE guidelines for COVID-19, wash your hands before & after, bring individual hand sanitizer, social distancing, don’t attend if you feel ill etc.

You must have read the RISK ASSESSMENT that has been emailed and replied to say that you have done so before you can attend the lesson.

Our Club Child Safeguarding Statement has also been updated & uploaded to the website for all club members to read.


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