Great Day for Inishowen RC at Donegal Gaeltacht RC’s Annual Beach Show

A fantastic day at the Beach Show today, thank-you Donegal Gaeltacht RC!

Well done to all our members who competed today and made the journey to Falcarragh for a show in such a spectacular setting.

Members results as follows:

AP Dressage:
1st Lynne Thompson (Blackstown Masterclass)
2nd Lynne Thompson (Shuttlehill Impish Lass)
4th Geraldine Gough

Inter Dressage:
1st Lauren McLaughlin

AP Showjumping:
2nd Lynne Thompson
3rd Lauren McLaughlin
4th Samantha O’Neill

AP Novelty:
1st Lynne Thompson
2nd Lauren McLaughlin
3rd Samantha O’Neill


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