2 Phase League – Leg 1 – Results

Yesterday seen the start of the 2 Phase League which was held at Drumanoo Equestrian, Killybegs and jointly run by Tir Conaill Riding Club and Stracomer Riding Club.

The dressage competition took place first, with some great results for our club members. In the Advanced Primary competition, Lynne Thompson placed 2nd, with Veronica Lafferty (Moo) in 3rd place. Lauren McLaughlin placed 3rd in the Intermediate dressage class.

Moving on to Cross Country, all of our riders had great rounds around Mona & Charlie’s fantastic course. Veronica Lafferty (Moo) won the Advanced Primary class, with Lynne also in the placings taking 4th.

Results – Leg 1

NW 2 Phase League Leg 1 – Dressage Results

NW 2 Phase League Leg 1 – Cross Country Results

Points Table – after Leg 1

NW Two Phase 2018 Dressage Points Table 20180325

NW Two Phase 2018 Cross Country Points Table 20180325


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