2 Phase Results – 21st August 2016

A massive thank-you to everyone from all 4 Donegal Clubs who came to support our 2 Phase event yesterday; we hope you had a great time despite the wet end to the day.

Well done to everyone on their placings, results are in the links below:

DressageResults 21.08.16

CrossCountry Results 21.08.16

Thank-you so much to everyone from Tir Conaill, Letterkenny & Donegal Gaeltacht Riding Clubs who where able to help out with the fence judging  before/after competing and to Trish for helping to do up the results. Also a big thank-you to Jacqui McPherson for judging our dressage phase in the morning. We really appreciate it & couldn’t have ran the day without you all!

A thank-you also to our club members (and non-members) who put in all the hard work before the event planning and setting up for the day itself. All the work behind the scenes made for a very well organised and smoothly run day. Heres to next year!

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