NW Spring League Week 4

A big well done to everyone who competed on Sunday past. Especially to Natasha on her 4th place in the hotly contested Intermediate Class, Veronica on her 3rd place in a very big Advanced Primary Class and to Nicola and Catherine on their 1st&2nd place in the Primary class. 

Next Sunday is the final, with double points, so the game is still very open.

There will be no training classes at the final, novelty classes will run instead in the form of an Accumulator. One for P & AP and then another for Intermediate and above.

All 4 clubs are jointly running the final leg so please be on hand to help out.

Results Week 4 | Week 4 Results
Points Table | Spring League 2016 – Points Table

Some photos of our members out competing at the league on Sunday;   


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