Results from Week 1 of the NW Spring League 2015

Well done to everyone who took part in the first leg of the Spring League, it was great to see all our new and returning members up and ready for another year, the results are below. Week 2 of the League will be next Sunday 15th February.

Week 1- Sunday 8th February

Primary Class-
1st Cliff Haley Letterkenny RC
2nd Catherine Gillespie Inishowen RC
3rd David Robb Inishowen RC
4th Sharon Margey Inishowen RC

Advanced Primary Class-
1st Kirsten Rice Tirconaill RC
2nd Enda McClafferty Letterkenny RC
3rd Liz Potter Donegal Gaeltacht RC
4th Veronica Lafferty Inishowen RC
5th Sabha Kelly Donegal Gaeltacht RC
6th Liz Cuffe Letterkenny RC

Intermediate Class-
1st Leo Porter Letterkenny RC
2nd Aine Murray Inishowen RC
3rd Libby Carton Letterkenny RC
4th Keary Smith Letterkenny RC
5th Shauna Boyle Letterkenny RC
6th Tanya Jacob Letterkenny RC

Advanced Intermediate Class-
1st Anne Chambers Letterkenny RC
2nd Marina Hamilton Letterkenny RC
3rd Carla McGinley Donegal Gaeltacht RC
4th John McDaid Donegal Gaeltacht RC
5th Emily Schneider Donegal Gaeltacht RC
6th Damien Gallagher Letterkenny RC

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