Welcome to our Blog!

Hi everyone, welcome to our new Inishowen Riding Club blog. Here you will find all the dates and details of upcoming events, shows, lessons, social activities and of course photos.

We are an AIRC Affiliated Riding Club in the Inishowen area of North Donegal. We have members from Inishowen, East Donegal, Derry & Tyrone. The club is run by its members, for everyone to enjoy. We are now entering our 3rd year as a club, we where established in January 2013. All disciplines are catered for. Check out http://www.airc.ie for more information on what the Association of Irish Riding Clubs (AIRC) is all about.

We run lessons weekly, one week in Malin area and the next in the Muff area. AIRC Events (Competitions) are usually held on Sundays. Our next lesson is this Thursday 29th January at 8pm in Templemore E.C. with Geraldine. Please Let Lauren know if you would like to attend.

Our 2015 membership is now open, new members can obtain a membership form by emailing inishowen@airc.ie or by contacting our Secretary Erica Robb. Membership fees for 2015 are 90e, with a 5e discount for returning members who where registered in 2014. Membership is open to anyone aged 17 and over.

The Northwest League (showjumping) will begin on the 8th of February at Templemore E.C. in Derry and will cater for all levels, from cross-poles up. This is an Inter-Club event and is jointly run by Donegal Gaeltacht, Letterkenny, Tir Conaill & Inishowen.

Please feel free to contact us by email on inishowen@airc.ie


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