Meet the Horses!

Meet the four-legged friends of the Inishowen Riding Club.

A new section to our website, for all members to add to. Give everyone an insight in to how you came across your best friend, what they have got up to in their lifetime, their quirks and traits etc.

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Steely Richard & Forever Sunrise

Geraldine & Grace Gough.

Diamond is a bay mare turning 5 this year – loaned to me by John McCauley – she was broken in last year by Grace, my daughter.  She is a very novice but forward going horse who seems to like working.  She is the aunt of Richard, Grace,s horse – who is turning 6 this year.  He has a little more experience but lacks Diamonds enthusiastic nature so tends to rely on his height and good looks!!!!!  They are very nearly inseparable and tend to travel everywhere together.

Both are now qualified for the N.I. Festival in April – needless to say Grace will be riding both!!

Diamond is out of a Western Problem mare called Morning Sunrise (Lady to us) which John still has at the age of 28.  This is also Richard’s Grandmother!!  His sire is by Lough Cruise.



Actinium Lily

Lauren McLaughlin

Kimberley became a McLaughlin at the age of 5; and at 18 years of age she’s become a long standing part of the family! She is by Actinium out of the mare Maree Lily. At 15.2 she is a pocket rocket and turns her hoof to everything and anything.

She started off as an oversized Pony Club pony, succeeding Lauren’s 14.2 pony, she did some SJI for a few years and then took an easy few years while her jockey was at University. Now she’s seen out on a regular basis in her Inishowen RC Gear.

Kimberley in recent mid-teens has decided that she loves Dressage. She rides well on the flat when she puts her mind to it. Since she was broken and hunted for 6 months before we bought her, she always adores hunting and cross-country. She is no longer too fussed on Showjumping but we are working on that. She has also done some showing and Working Hunter which she equally adores, qualifying for the NI Festival in Cavan for the past few years, showing off seems to be her thing!!

She is a strange little horse who sometimes doesn’t think she is a horse at all. She refuses to go outside in the rain or cold, she is a lover of lie-ins and cosy beds. She also likes to make sure her mouth is thoroughly stretched at the first sight of a bridle through a series of yawns before you tack her up (which can last a good ten minutes if she feels the need!). She is also a very talented tester of straw beds and will give each one she sets foot in a thorough roll around in. When you’re planning on going to a show, you can usually tell how the day will go in advance…if Kimberley loads up first time she is set for a great day. If she hesitates on the ramp before loading up, the outlook is never good!!



Flutter by Imp & Carraun Hill

Jodie Carr

Flutter by Imp, better known as Cloey or flowerpot (to me and dad) is a 10 year old bay made by master imp out of the mare golden butterfly. She was purchased on 3rd Sept 2010 and if I’m honest It was a panic purchase. I had previously a grey gelding on loan but unfortunately he failed the vetting when I went to buy him. So then the quest started to find a new horse, we trawled through every site possible and put the feelers out every where we could. We were searching for a been there and done a bit type of horse but 1 Sunday evening David sent me a link to a beautiful mare who was 5 years old and only broke 6 months.  After a long discussion with dad we decided we would go and try her so on the Tuesday evening we set sail to Emyvale, county Monaghan.  At those times we seemed to travel as a family and I knew the mare would be scrutinized within an inch of her life with all our “horse knowledge”. So we arrived at the yard walked into the barn and there she was standing in her stable padlocked in, I asked why there was a padlock on the door and the response was she lets herself out and then let’s everything else out.  So up I popped took her around the field and over some cross country fences, had a discussion with the optimist and the pessimist (although on this occasion roles were reversed as dad was less keen than David) and decided we would purchase provided she passed the vetting. Eric smith vetted her on the Thursday and she was paid for and collected on 3rd Sept 2010.

She’s been 1 of the most challenging horses I have ever rode, she’ll do her best to get out of work sometimes going to the extremes of pretending to be lame.  She has taught me more than any other horse has in the past 18 years.  She’s a cheeky mare with a big attitude and due to an injury is only really started to come on the scene of the equestrian world in the past 3 years. She will try her hoof at anything if shes in the right form we have had many clears in show jumping both in riding club and SJI and we even tried a little dressage at the team challenging with the team finishing 3rd overall. 2016 will hopefully be a great year for us with some more wins.

Carraun Hill, more commonly known as Tiger or Mr Tiger. He is a 15 year old chestnut gelding and has been with me since the 27th Jan 2012.  Cloey had very kindly injured herself and I was faced with the prospect of being horseless for up to a year.  So the search began for a loan horse even for a few months to tide me over. Done deal slowly became my new best friend and after almost 2 months of looking I stumble across an ad of an 11 year old chestnut gelding who had competed up to 1.20. I would say I read the ad 10 times as I couldn’t believe my luck this was exactly what I wanted, something that had done a bit and would help me regain my confidence.  So as usual the discussions began between myself and dad and we decided we would ring and see if the horse was available.  So dad rang and arrangements were made to go that Friday and try the horse, we set off in the lorry for Letrim at 6am that Friday morning.  We arrived to the yard tacked the horse up went out to the arena and the heavens opened with what I can only describe as golf ball sized hail stones. Tiger never put a foot wrong and before we knew it he was on the lorry on the road home.  I jumped a bit of SJI and local unregistered shows with him that year. The more I thought about it the more I wanted to buy him so after a discussion with his owner he agreed to sell him and on the 8th Dec 2014 I purchased him it was the best purchase I have ever made.

We have some notable wins and great memories from both SJI and riding club.  There are 2 that stand out the most and they are winning the jump off at the north west team challenge and winning the letterkenny derby both in 2013.  Tiger was on loan for majority of 2015 as I was out injured but he is back now and on his return to riding club show jumping is proving that their is plenty of years in him yet.  People often write older horses off but tiger has in the past few months really come out of his shell he now has a massive personality and loves nothing better than a good run in the sand arena followed by a roll.  Although he has now developed a great dislike for rain and often refuses to work if it’s raining.



Comet Lafferty & Glendine Thunder

Veronica Lafferty

My father bred Comet, she was born in a field were she lives beside my house. I was a very green rider and after breaking her at the age of 3, it has been a worth while but extremely  challenging time, she is now an upcoming 7 year old and I can see her starting to settle a little. She seems to love hunting and hacking out, but show-jumping for me and comet has been challenging as one day she jumps fantastic; slow and steady, and then the next she is like a fast bullet coming out of a gun. So I gave her some time off , left her alone and gave her time just being a horse in a field.  I can see her settling .Comet has taught me a  lot .

I also have Glendine Thunder also known as Mr Moo.  I only have him a few months. He is a 15 year old Connemara . We are just getting to know each other. Ive only ridden him a hand full of times, but we just seem to click. His age and experience are something that I have never had in a horse before but so far everything seems right…



Danny’s Dream

Nicola Coxford

DeeDee is a 15.1hh Piebald Mare who is now 16 years young, often referred to by me as “my gorgeous girl”.

This gorgeous girl came into my life in May 2013 and on the 5th June 2013 became my gorgeous girl thanks to Geraldine Gough. In March 2013 I sold my feisty mare Misty and was horseless until Geraldine mentioned that the horse she was riding, Beauty, had a half-sister who was in a field somewhere and made it her mission to find her. Geraldine & Paul brought DeeDee down from Sherriff’s Mountain were she had been living for the last 6 years, Grace got on her that afternoon & she didn’t put a foot wrong so I went down to Paul’s yard & tried her for about 3 weeks and as they say “that was it”. DeeDee had never had a stable name so all suggestions were welcome & when Jodie came up with DeeDee the name suited as it was short for Danny’s Dream.

DeeDee and I have come on leaps & bounds together – it hasn’t always been easy as she can get very strong jumping but we make a great team with quite a few wins in both our show jumping and more recently dressage which we both seem to have an aptitude for. She is a very easy mare to work with unless your loading her on a trailer as many of many fellow riding club members are aware, most have had to assist at one time or another lol. We are team willing to try anything having given show jumping, dressage, xc and beach rides a go, now hoping to get working hunter & some showing classes under our belt too.



Farrah Way Shining Star

Catherine Gillespie

I first met Farrah back in October 2011.. she had turned 5 & stood nameless in the back of a stable. She was only  backed a few weeks previously and therefore a bit of a risky buy for my first horse, especially as my only ride before I bought her was a quick trot in a stable block. I quickly feel in love with her sweet nature and it didn’t take long for her to become part of the family. The first few months was a learning curve for both of us, with her being quite green & my nerves but I wouldn’t change her now. I can’t deny I have Farrah a little spoilt, her favourite treat is a pink lady Apple. I have to share the blame with my dad as its not just me who spoils her she has my dad wrapped round her hoof.. She won’t take more than a few steps for him without a polo!

The first few years I had Farrah I did little work with her & felt like I was wasting her. I wanted her to spend time doing different activities which lead me to the riding club. I first joined the club in Sept 2014 and haven’t looked back since. After a short break last year, while I was pregnant, I am back & battling my nerves once again in the show ring. This year I hope to push myself a bit more out of my comfort zone as I know Farrah is more than capable of what I ask from her (expect when water is concerned… That’s where water monsters live).